Command list - LenoxBot



Command name Description Permissions Aliases
ban {@User/UserID} {reason} Bans an user from the Discord server with a certain reason BAN_MEMBERS b
clear {amount of messages between 2 and 100} Deletes for you the last X messages that were sent in the current channel MANAGE_MESSAGES purge
currentlybanned [@USER/UserID] Shows you all currently banned users on this Discord server KICK_MEMBERS cb
currentlymuted [@USER/UserID] Shows you all currently muted users on this Discord server KICK_MEMBERS cm
kick {@User} {reason} Kick an user from the Discord server with a certain reason KICK_MEMBERS k
mute {@User} {time (d, h, m, s)} {reason} Mutes an user for a certain time KICK_MEMBERS
serverwarns Shows you all given warns on this Discord server
softban @User {days} {reason} Bans an user and deletes his messages of the last X days (max 14 days). After that, he will be unbanned immediately! BAN_MEMBERS
temporaryban {@User/UserID} {time (d, h, m, s)} {reason} Bans an user temporarily BAN_MEMBERS tempban
unban {userID} {reason} Unbans an user from the Discord server with a certain reason BAN_MEMBERS u
unmute {@User} {reason} Unmutes an user KICK_MEMBERS
warn {@User/UserID} {reason} Warns an user on the Discord server with a certain reason KICK_MEMBERS w
warnlog [@User] Shows you the warnlog from you or another user KICK_MEMBERS wl, warns
activatemodule {name of the module} Activates a module and its commands on a Discord server ADMINISTRATOR am
addautomaticrole {points} {name of the role} Adds an auto assignable role ADMINISTRATOR aar
addchatfilter {word} Inserts a new entry in the chatfilter ADMINISTRATOR
addrole {@User} {name of the role} Assigns a role to a server member MANAGE_ROLES ar
addselfassignablerole {name of the role} Adds a role that allows users to assign themselves ADMINISTRATOR asar
announce {announcement text (-embed)} Writes a new server announcement ADMINISTRATOR a
availablelanguages Shows you a list in which language the bot is available and can be changed
byemsg {goodbye message} Sets a message to say goodbye to your users ADMINISTRATOR
commanddeletion Toggles the deletion of a command after execution ADMINISTRATOR cmddel
createmuterole Creates a mute role and forbids all writing and speaking permissions ADMINISTRATOR
deactivatemodule {name of the module} Deactivates a module and its commands on a Discord server ADMINISTRATOR dm
deleteevents Deletes all active events on this server ADMINISTRATOR delev
events Gives you a list of all active/disabled events ADMINISTRATOR e
joinrole {add, remove, list} [name of the role] Roles that new guildmembers will get when they join the Discord server ADMINISTRATOR
language {name of the language (in english)} Changes the language of the bot for this server ADMINISTRATOR
listautomaticrole Lists all auto assignable roles ADMINISTRATOR lar
listchatfilter Lists all chatfilter entries ADMINISTRATOR
listevents Lists you all events that you can log on your server MANAGE_GUILD
listmodules Lists all active/disabled modules ADMINISTRATOR lm
log {name of the event} Allows you to log for different channels, different events. The command 'listevents' will give you a list of all events ADMINISTRATOR
msgoptions Shows you a list of all available options for your welcome and bye message
muterole {name of the role} Defines a mute role which muted users will get ADMINISTRATOR m
prefix {new prefix} Changes the prefix of the server or shows you the current prefix if you just use ?prefix ADMINISTRATOR
removeautomaticrole {name of the role} Removes an auto assignable role ADMINISTRATOR rar
removechatfilter {word} Removes words from the chatfilter ADMINISTRATOR
removerole {@User} {name of the role} Removes a role from a member MANAGE_ROLES rr
removeselfassignablerole {name of the role} Remove a role that allows users to assign themselves ADMINISTRATOR rsar
setchanneltopic {New channeltopic} Sets a new channel topic for the current channel MANAGE_CHANNELS
skipnumber {number} Changes the necessary votes to skip music for users ADMINISTRATOR
toggleannounce Sets a channel for announcements, where you can use the announce-command ADMINISTRATOR
togglebye Disables the goodbye message ADMINISTRATOR
togglechatfilter Toggles the chatfilter ADMINISTRATOR
togglecommand {name of the command} Toggles the status of a command ADMINISTRATOR
togglewelcome Toggles the welcome message in this channel ADMINISTRATOR
togglexp {add/remove/list} [channelname] Adds channels in which you cannot get XP MANAGE_GUILD
togglexpmessages Sets the XP messages on or off ADMINISTRATOR
welcomemsg {welcome msg} Sets a welcome message to greet your users ADMINISTRATOR
eightball {question} Ask the bot a question eightball
hangman [@User] Play hangman alone or with your Discord friends hg
penissizecalculator [@User] Calculates the size of the penis of you or an user psc
tictactoe {@User} Play a round of TicTacToe against another user ttt
creditranklist Top 20 ranking of the richest botusers (sorted by credits) richest
credits [@User] Shows you the credits of you or another user balance, c
creditstoxp {amount} Converts credits to experience on a Discord server. 1 credit = 0.5 xp ctxp
daily [@User] Get your daily reward or give it away to another user d
dailyremind Enables or disables the dailyremind
gamble {amount} Gamble your credits with a 50% chance to make a profit
giveitem {@User} {amount} {emoji or name of the item} Give items from your inventory to other Discord users
inventory [upgrade] Shows you your inventory inv
job A full list of available jobs you can accept to earn credits
loot Collects your loot every 10 minutes l
math Solve mathematical calculations to get credits
mine With this command you can dig up minerals with your pickaxes
opencrate With this command, you can open crates with a cratekey and win cool items!
paycredits {@User} {amount} Allows an user to give their credits to someone pc
shop [buy/sell] [amount/all (just works for sell)] [emoji or name of the item] You can view the list of all purchasable items and sell or buy items market
slot Play with the slot machine and win/lose credits
templesearch Search for something valuable in the long-abandoned temple in the Sahara
commands {name of the module} All commands of a module cmds
help {name of the command} Gives you information about a command h
modules Gives you a list of all modules and their meaning m
translate Gives you information about our translation project
vote All details about voting for LenoxBot
pornhubgif {query} Searches for Pornhub gifs
pornhubvideo {query} Searches for Pornhub videos
pornhubvideo {query} Searches for Redtube videos
sexgif {query} Searches for Sex gifs
sexvideo {query} Searches for Sex videos
channelblacklist Displays a list of which voicechannels have been blacklisted ADMINISTRATOR
channelblacklistadd {name of the voicechannel} Adds a voicechannel to the blacklist ADMINISTRATOR
channelblacklistremove {name of the voicechannel} Removes a voicechannel from the blacklist ADMINISTRATOR
forceskip Forces the bot to skip the current song without a poll! MANAGE_GUILD
nowplaying Shows you the current music title np
pause Stops the current music
play {query} Searches for music that matches to your request
playlist {new/delete/list/addsong/removesong} {name of the playlist} Creates a new music playlist on this Discord server MANAGE_GUILD
playplaylist {name of the playlist} Plays a music playlist
queue Shows you the current music queue
queueclear Clears the whole music queue MANAGE_GUILD
resume Continues the current music
skip Allows the users to skip a song with a poll
skipvote Toggles the skipvote function ADMINISTRATOR
stop Stops the current music and the bot leaves the voice channel MANAGE_GUILD
volume {1-5} Changes the volume of the bot
bitcoin Shows you information from Bitcoin (value and percentage of changes from the last day)
clashroyale {profile or clan} Shows you Clash Royale stats about a player or a clan cr
fortnite {pc, xbl, psn} {EpicGames Username} Shows you Fortnite stats about a player on every console
gif {query} Searches for a gif
google {query} Searches something on Google g
news {newspaper} Use this command to request news from different newspaper
overwatch {profile, quickplay, competitive} {BATTLETAG} Shows you overwatch-stats about a Overwatch player owstats
randomfact Random facts (in English only)
steamprofile {SteamID64} Requests Steam profile information of a Steam user sp
steamscammercheck {SteamID64} Checks whether a Steam user was marked as scammer ssc
urban {query} Urban is a dictionary in which you can search for a definition for something
weather {location} Weather of a town or a city
youtube {input} Searches for a video on YouTube yt
botinfo Information about the bot binfo, bi
calculator {calculation} Calculates for you an calculation cal
channels A list of all channels on your Discord server
channeltopic Shows you the channel topic of the current channel if one exists
embed {text} Creates an embed for you with any text. Use // to go to a new line
inrole {rolename} Allows you to see which members have a specific role
join {rolename} Join a self-assignable role
leave {rolename} Leave a self-assignable role
listselfassignablerole Shows you a list of all roles that allows users to assign themselves lsar
memberstatus Shows you how many members on this Discord server are online, idle, offline or busy
nicknamelog [@User] Shows you the nickname log of you or another user
ping Shows you how long the bot needs to send a message
randomnumber {input} Selects a random number between your input and 1 rn
rank [@USER] Displays the points of you or another user
ranks Gives you the link for the leaderboard
roles A list of all roles on your Discord server
serverinfo Shows you some information about the current Discord server sinfo, si
setprofiledescription {description} Sets a global profile description
setsocialmedia {edit/delete/list} [youtube, twitch, instagram, twitter] Allows you to connect a social media account to your Discord account
userinfo [@User/UserID] Gives you information about you or another user uinfo, ui
useserverkey {key} With this command you can activate a premium serverkey for a Discord server
useuserkey {key} With this command you can activate a premium userkey for your Discord account
addentry {new entry} Inserts a new entry in the template ADMINISTRATOR
application Creates a new application on this server apply
applicationnotification Defines a channel in which application notifications will be sent ADMINISTRATOR
applicationsettings Shows you all settings of the application system MANAGE_GUILD
approverole {name of the role} Defines the role that members get if their application has been accepted ADMINISTRATOR
changeorder {first application entry ID} {second application entry ID} ADMINISTRATOR
deleteentry {entry} Deletes an entry from the template ADMINISTRATOR
denyrole {name of the role} Defines the role that members get if their application has been rejected ADMINISTRATOR
editentry {application entry ID} {new application entry text} Edits an application entry text ADMINISTRATOR
listentry Shows all entries that exist in the template ADMINISTRATOR
reactionnumber {number} Defines the number of reactions required to accept or reject an application ADMINISTRATOR
setacceptedmessage {custom message} Sets a custom message that receive the applicants who have been accepted ADMINISTRATOR
setrejectedmessage {custom message} Sets a custom message that receive the applicants who have been rejected ADMINISTRATOR
toggleapplication Toggles the applications on or off ADMINISTRATOR
ticket {text} Creates a new ticket which will be forwarded to the Discord server team
ticketnotification Defines a channel in which ticket notifications will be sent ADMINISTRATOR